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Autism Decoded ~ The Cracks in the Code.

My new bestseller, Autism Decoded ~ The Cracks in the Code takes a light and somewhat controversial approach to this weighty and complex subject, illustrated by personal accounts, film and literature. Along the way it takes a look at the lives of some people who, while they may not have autism, bring new - and often surprising - insights to the search! 

I offer a picture of autism as seen through the eyes of some of the great educators, physicians, psychologists and researchers and, most importantly, through the accounts of people with autism themselves.

Seeing ASD from this wide variety of perspectives will give you a real insight into the world of autism - both throughout history and as it is today. That provides a solid foundation for what will follow in the rest of the series, as I clarify both the criteria and the causes, offering views that will challenge you to reassess your thinking and join the debate.


All the information on this site originates from my work and research over the past 30 + years and should not be construed as medical advice

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