Autism Awareness Month




 Changing attitudes changes lives

There are many common myths and fallacies about ASD that are untrue.  These include:

*  Individuals with autism are not affectionate.  Although, they are often hyper (over) sensitive to touch and other stimuli, they can and do show affection.

*  They are not interested in social interaction. While they often struggle with knowing how to make and keep friends, they do like people around and are capable of interacting socially, but may need to be explicitly taught the hidden social rules.

* Children with autism never make eye contact Some do but it is often painful for them so do not force it.

Inside a child with autism is a genius.  Like all of us such children have a wide range of abilities and skills - but all have potential.

* Bad parenting causes autism.  WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

* Children with autism cannot learn.  They may not learn in the usual way so you need to figuring out how they learn and then teach them appropriately.


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