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While people generally associate hearing  problems with an identifiable hearing loss there are several other auditory difficulties - which are often found in ASD - that can have a devastating effect. 

These can, at times, make many apparently ordinary situations potentially distressing and frightening. And it is those auditory difficulties that frequently underlie and/or aggravate speech and language problems.

They also mean that child needs to concentrate much harder than his peers in order to make sense of the spoken word.  This can be particularly difficult in a noisy situation such as a classroom, restaurant, supermarket or shopping mall.



This condition affects many people and is often associated with older people who have a hearing loss and tinnitus.  It can be caused by damage but is also found among younger people too  - some of whom have problems from birth.

The sounds that cause problems are individual and range from high pitched sounds like a silent dog whistle or electronic music, quiet sounds such a clock ticking or people eating to louder sounds like vacuum cleaners.

Hyperacusis is a PHYSICAL problem and needs specific treatment  -  not simply a 'talking' therapy.

It can be very painful and often affects people with ASD very badly, making life much harder than need be. 





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