Gary Ramsay

Using the Soundsrite Program was very different from the treatment I am receiving from my audiologist. ... I really enjoyed using the program and found it very beneficial as listed below;

• I found the noise of sirens from an ambulance very painful on my ears, however after completing the course I found my tolerance to the sound of an ambulance siren higher, and no pain in my ears, but I still shiver when I hear this nose and need 5 minutes to compose myself.

•Additionally I found myself less irritable and the need to withdraw from social interactions cut substantially. I feel this treatment will cut the need for doctors to prescribe Anti – depressants as the use of AIT treatment cut down periods where I was feeling down and low of energy.

Overall I would highly recommend using the Soundsrite Program as its helped in giving an improved quality of life.

Craig Thomson

It works I'm no longer jumping at the phone ringing. I can hear a leaf skip while a big truck is driving by and when I finished CD 10 the clock ticking and the PC fan whirring at same time. It's unjumbled sounds and made me not go into fight or flight with sounds so less anxiety. Which is great....

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