I first came across autism in the late 1960s when I met three very different children, all of whom shared the same diagnosis.  I went on to spend much of my career working with both children and adults with autism and Asperger's Syndrome as a teacher,  caregiver and finally, as a Deputy Principal  of a residential community for adults with ASD. 

I began researching autism in 1990 and am a published author of several books including A Positive Approach to Autism which attracted good reviews from such well known autism experts as Donna Williams and Paul Shattock OBE. I have also authored a series of concise but informative books for parents and teachers, and am currently completing my forthcoming series Autism Decoded. 


Stella's introduction to autism came in the late 1960s when working at a Camphill School where she met three very different children all of whom shared the same diagnosis: autism.

'Beautiful and serene Cara is 'other worldly': an enigmatic Mona Lisa with a faraway look who is, seemingly, unaware of her surroundings. In sharp contrast, Tommy is a real live wire and needs watching constantly as he eats anything and everything – food or not – gulping it down, regardless of how hot or cold it is. Mandy too is a proverbial wild child. A haunting beauty, she lacks any sense of danger and often disappears only to be found wandering aimlessly, miles away. . . .

I was captivated. And that enduring enchantment launched me on the journey of my life.'

Taken from The Cracks in the Code - Understanding Autism

the first book in the new series  AUTISM DECODED

After training as a Steiner teacher in 'curative education' Stella worked with children with a variety of disabilities before moving to work with 'emotionally disturbed' adolescent boys at the Cotswold Community.  She returned to her roots in the mid 1980s when she became Senior Care Officer at a residential home for adults with ASD: where she eventually became Deputy Principal.

She began researching and writing books about autism in the late 1980s: publishing the first The Other Side of Autism in 1990.  Her second book A Positive Approach To Autism was published in 2000 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers and she has since written a series of concise but informative books aimed at busy parents and teachers.

During her research Stella became interested in the sensory disorders which are generally an integral part of ASD. That, in turn, led her to recognize her own sensory problems (especially hyperacusis and some visual problems) which, whilst mild, were quite debilitating at times.

That led to a much greater understanding of the problems that people with ASD After training as an AIT therapist in the 1990s, Stella successfully corrected her own hyperacusis, as well as treating a number of children and adults, most of whom had ASD.

Today, as a full-time carer, Stella remains passionate about finding ways to enhance the lives of people with ASD and those with similar sensory differences - something which led her to develop the SOUNDSRITE© Program

Meanwhile she still finds time to continue her research and writing and is currently in the process of completing her forthcoming four part series AUTISMDECODED.

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  What makes my books different to those of other professionals?

* I'm a sceptic and, not believing all I read, like to investigate things myself.

* I have experienced the effects of the sensory differences myself.

* I have no financial links to any organisation, as all funding comes from my own resources (and my husband's wallet).  

* Over the years my work has encompassed two very different approaches to autism; while my research has led me to investigate several alternative theories too.

* All the above ensure that I am less constrained by preconceptions and/or allegiance to any particular theories than other professionals might be. 


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