Like Gunilla Gerland who has Asperger's syndrome some people with ASD cannot see faces.  Instead they simply see a blank face, which may perhaps be framed by dark hair or have a hairy growth over part of it or even have 'a sparkle' in it (as an earring or stud twinkles in the light). 

While nowadays many people considered that familial face-blindness is present from birth there is also a possibility that for some children with ASD  ‘face-blindness’ actually stems from photo-phobia or poor visual acuity - although research has yet to determine the answers.   

Certainly if you cannot see correctly the only pictures that you could store would either be blank or  extremely bizarre which would make remembering and placing faces almost impossible. Sadly this can mean that he may not always recognize the important people in his life even if he sees them everyday – although as he grows older he will learn to use other clues such as smell; the way the persons clothes move;  or an identifying feature like a mole etc.

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