The child with hyperactivity may:

* have problems concentrating and paying attention. 

* find it hard to sit still in class - and keep wiggling around in their seats or get up and move around a lot 

* talk too much 

* interrupt other people's conversations 

* yell out the answers the other children have a chance to raise their hands.

* be disorganized, distracted, or forgetful. 

* lose things 

* have trouble finishing anything.

Some children with ASD are also hyperactive.

In some cases such behaviour is linked to:

* Food intolerances especially to casein (milk) and/or gluten (wheat) or to   particular foods (from chocolate to oranges and even carrots).

These can cause hyperactivity or disruptive behaviour – often within one or two hours of eating - but because the the effects are generally behavioural rather than physical the link is often overlooked.

Such behaviours may also be worsed by hypoglycaemia - which can lead to agitation either prior to meals or after eating sugary foods. 

Keeping a food diary will help you assess if such things contribute to his behaviour

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