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Brad is a motivational speaker who presents funny business keynotes for corporate, association and government audiences. His inspirational message helps connect engagement, passion, and meaningfulness to increases in revenue, better leadership, and graceful change management. He believes your people need more than just a “show” and “flash of motivation.” Brad believes your people need to leave with concrete strategies and take aways to help them make sense of what they know, the changes they are faced with, and the people they work and partner with. Looking for a funn motivational speaker with a bottom line message for improvement? You’ve found him; Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker who will help your people make concrete improvements.

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As a second generation educator and autism awareness expert  I share my personal and professional experience and understanding of how autism presents to the world and the many challenges that people with autism and their families face in their daily lives.

My goal is to offer practical advice, insight and solutions to parents and teachers so that the child's life isenriched and supported and the family's life enhanced.



Stella Waterhouse first came across autism in the late 1960s when she met three very different children, all of whom shared the same diagnosis.  She went on to spend much of her career working with both children and adults with autism and Asperger's Syndrome as a teacher,  caregiver and finally, as a Deputy Principal  of a residential community for adults with ASD. 

She began researching autism in 1990 and is a published author of several books including A Positive Approach to Autism which attracted good reviews from such well known autism experts as Donna Williams and Paul Shattock OBE. She has also authored a series of concise but informative books for parents and teachers, and is currently completing her forthcoming series:

Autism Decoded.


A Positive Approach to Autism

When I met Stella Waterhouse I was, on reflection, surprised, that a non-autistic, so called, professional had ideas about autism which seemed so much closer to an autistic perspective than can be said for many others.    Donna Williams

Autism Decoded.

Part history, part mystery and a fascinating read.

Nancy Alspaugh Jackson - award-winning national television producer, author and autism activist.


Former teacher,  caregiver and Deputy Principal  of a residential community for adults with ASD. 

Based in the UK Stella Waterhouse is available for interviews via phone or Skype.

To contact her please call:

Tel: 0044 01308868802


or email: 

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