50 Development Activities for Kids ebook contains 50 different ideas, ranging from crafts and creative projects, to cooking and physical activities. These ideas will keep you and your toddler busy, no matter what the weather!

What You'll Find In This Ebook:

* Homemade Obstacle Courses Using Household Items

* Ball, Hoop and Other Co-ordination Activities

* Non-toxic Play Dough, Wholewheat Pizza Recipes, Healthy Toppings

* Potato Stamp Designs and Instructions

* Homemade Musical Instruments

* How To Design and Pull Off A Successful Treasure Hunt 

* Authentic Treasure Map Designs 

* Activities with Balloons, Bean Bags and Soft Toys

* Design Your Own Memory Cards, Animal Cards, Seasonal Cards

* Finger and Hand Painting, Placemats, Plus Other Creative Ideas

* Magnetic Fishing, Build Your Own Aquarium 

* Beading, Theme Activities and Dress Up Games 

* The Best Tried-and-tested Activities for Children's Development that you will find anywhere!


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