Do you or your child have hyperacusis (painful hypersensitivity to certain sounds)? 

The SOUNDSRITE© Program is an accessible, home based program that is suitable for the treatment of hyperacusis and some of the other auditory differences that particularly affect people on the Autism Spectrum or those with ADHD.

Often referred to as an educational program, this non-invasive 10 day "listening" course consists of 10 sessions each of which contain a variety of  music, which has been specially modulated. That modulation is the key to "retraining" the ear, normalizing the way in which they hear and also helping the brain to process auditory information correctly.

Broadly based on Auditory Integration Training (AIT) which was originally developed by Dr Guy Bérard this version also incorporates Stella Waterhouse's personal experience of hyperacusis as well as her knowledge of the Autistic Spectrum and sensory differences.

It must be noted that, for many people, the end of the course provides a new beginning, which is especially important for anyone who has missed out on the usual developmental milestones and/or opportunities for learning in their early years.

Thus the SOUNDSRITE Handbook and accompanying DVDs also include advice on Aftercare to help consolidate the listeners' progress. 

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Would you like your child to:

* feel calmer and less irritable

be more tolerant of loud noises and sounds

* have less need to withdraw from situations

* listen, concentrate and learn better

* understand/remember things more easily

* be less hyperactive, impulsive and/or distractible

* communicate more easily

* have greater confidence and self esteem

* take part in - and even enjoy – socializing with others

* have less obsessive/compulsive behaviors

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